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Icons And Bases

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Icons, Bases and Moodthemes
I would like to welcome you to forever_iconz. This is an icon community for forevermadness (Kitt). This community will be home to my icons, bases and moodthems. I may, on occasion, post other things, but it will be rare.

icons and bases;
This community is NOT friends only, though some posts may or may not be locked from view. All icons MUST be credited, bases do not need credit (though being added as a resource is nice!). Moodthemes need to be credited.

Bases can be customised or used as they are. Choice is yours!

1: COMMENT IF YOU TAKE!! Not only does this make me happy but it tells me what icons/bases/anime you like. It takes a few seconds to a minute to post a comment! It takes longer than that to go through the icons/bases and save them! So surely it can't be that much of a bother, right??

2: CREDIT!!! Either forevermadness or forever_iconz. We haven't gone to all this trouble to make this Community, make these Bases and these Icons only to have someone else take the credit for them! It's a VERY simple thing to do. When you upload you icon to your journal, just put my name in the keywords! Piece of cake!

*Now, if you're at all unsure about what to do to credit, then let me help you.
You can credit in the Icon Keywords or the Icon Comments. Credits in posts don't count. If you're still unsure, then there's a detailed explanation Here. Still clueless? This tutorial by merky should help you out!

3: I'm very open to requests, but keep in mind I'm only one person and have a life of my own (*falls over laughing*). Okay, minor exaggeration, but please, if you do make a request, be specific. If you want Bases, specify what Anime/Character/Movie/whatever you would like, how many you would like and so on. If you would like to request an icon, a picture would be helpful as would your choice of text and anything else you would like on it. Keep in mind I can't animate or do anything fancy! Once your request is filled you can, if you want, request more... But still, have pity on me! Don't go overboard or I will just say no and move onto someone else.

4: DO NOT HOTLINK!! I will know, I will not be happy, I will poke you with VERY sharp sticks until you learn your lesson!

5: Have Fun!!! Enjoy the icons/bases and COMMENT!!! *laughs*

Also see Forever_Iconz FAQ for more information.

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If you have any further questions, please contact me at: the_leftover_mushroom AT yahoo dot com

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